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1 - Praying for us.

2 - Financial Supporter. 

3 - Voluntary. Missionary for short term.

4- Offers a scholarship

5 - Voluntary. Missionary for short term.


If you are a United States resident

Your gifts to the support of a missionary are tax deductible.

When you send a gift for missionary support, please make your check payable to:

Africa Inland Mission

P.O. Box 178 – Pearl River, NY

10965 – USA

With a note enclosed indicating the name of the missionary:

IBS construction - Project no. MZ 002.

It is important that you do not make any notation on your check regarding this designation. The IRS may disallow a deduction if such notations are on the check. After we process your gift, we will issue you an Official Receipt which will be proof to the IRS of your tax-deductible donation to AIM.

or  AIM Web page:


AIM - Internacional



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